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This clip is my new found favorite video. It is beautifully shot and although it was obviously painstakingly put together. it appears stunningly simple. I was deeply impressed when i first view the clip. However, i was bitterly disappointed to find out it was an advertisement for a phone.   

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Kustom Kar Kpmmandos - Kenneth Anger

When viewing this three minute short experimental film , i thought that the directors intensions were to try and shoot, a man polishing a hot rod in an erotic manner. Having re watched the scene and done a little bit of homework, it is clear that Kenneth Anger set out to make a film that focused on portraying cars  as “fetish objects” for young american men.

Several factors helped achieve this, the pink back ground. attaching an audio track of ” Dream Love by the Paris sisters. and using camera movements and angles to “imply an intense eroticism”.

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Girl chewing gum - John Smith

Watching this short film by John Smith for this first time, is quite enjoyable. All though i do attend film school, and shouldn’t really be fooled by John Smith’s illusions. However the film is beautifully simplistic  and its easy to understand why an audience may be  initially manipulated into believing the narrators predictions.

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Om - John Smith

Om is a 3 minutes short film that visually, aurally and ideologically challenge our natural response to stereotypes. The film was obviously simple to shoot, but because of it’s simplicity, it doesn’t distract from the  juxtaposition that is at hand.

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Un Chien Andalou is a short surrealist film. In 1928, it was filmed in France by the spanish duo, Luis Bunuel and Salvador Dali. It is regarded as one of the best surrealist films of the french avant-garde movement. One of the film’s writer and directors (Bunuel), has explained the only rule which was followed in order to write the script. “no idea or image that might lend itself to a rational explanation of any kind would be accepted” in the film. This revelation may explain why the film has no plot, spontaneously jumping from “once upon a time to “eight year later”, in scene to scene, in an unorthodox manner. 

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  When first viewing this video, i literally thought that the slow pace of the video was a reflection of the boredom that women who performed the traditional role within a kitchen, had experienced.

However, after a little bit of research and several reviews of the scene i have come up with the decision that “Semiotics of the kitchen” is a feminist parody. Which is purposefully  performed by Martha Rosler,  as a  generic cooking  show host. The camera remains stationary in front of her while she, behind a kitchen table  presents various kitchen utensils. Having revealed the objects, Martha Rosler, then uses the utensils in an unorthodox and often  violent manner.

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Meshes of the Afternoon - Maya Deren and Alexander Hammid

Meshes of the Afternoon. - is an experimental film, that is directed by Maya Deren and Alexander Hammid. The film is th result of the directors need to make an avant garde film that deals with “devastating psychological problems”.

 The film depicts the interior process that an individual may go through after experiencing  a devastating psychological event. The short film does not present the event, However through it’s use of repetition of psychologically symbolic images it shows that an individual’s subconscious  can ” develop, interpret and elaborate any incident into a “critical emotional experience”.